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Banner Tow Training Program

Aerial Banners, Inc. offers a complete FAA APPROVED banner towing training program in compliance with F.A.R. 91.113 to all commercial rated pilots with a minimum of 300 hours. Our program takes approximately 7-10 days and includes flight training, ground instruction, paperwork and FAA observation flight. Once you complete our training you will be observed by a designated FAA examiner assigned to Aerial Banners and you will be qualified to work for any banner towing company in the world and will have paperwork to prove it.

Training includes a comprehensive evaluation flight, up to 20 hours in a modified 172/PA25 and 15 hours ground school, 10-15 hours dual instruction and up to 5 hours solo, pulling our company banner, including a solo observation with our FAA examiner.

Ground Instruction Includes:

Fuel system, aircraft speeds, preflight procedures, banner construction and set up procedures, Part 91.311 (a) (b) and (c), Part 61, Certificate special provisions

Flight Training Includes:

Instruction in low altitude flying relevant to banner tow operations including maximum performance maneuvers, full stalls, flight at low air speeds, and emergency maneuvers / procedures.

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